Great Loop Navigation Notes
"Directions for Cruising the Great Loop"
Cruising the Great Loop?
Don't leave without Navigation Notes!
Navigation Notes are detailed directions covering every mile of the
Great Loop:
Best Route.
Select Stopovers.
Bridges and Locks.
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Great Loop Navigation Notes.
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Select Stopovers
GREAT LOOP NAVIGATION NOTES cover the route from Chicago to the Florida Keys
then north to Canada and back to Chicago.  
The itinerary divides the route into portions that can easily be cruised in a day with a
recommended marina or anchorage for a stopover at the end of each day.
         One book covers entire Great Loop!
Bridges and Locks
This spiral bound book lies flat when open so you can easily track your progress
at the helm.  As you approach a bridge or lock,   the information you need is
conveniently available on the open page.  
Bridge information includes the radio channel to contact the bridge tender, the
bridge name and the vertical clearance.  
Lock information includes the radio channel to contact the lock master, the lock
name, what lines are required and which side to place your fenders .

Navigation Notes are intended for vessels having a draft less
than 5 feet and bridge clearance less than 20 feet proceeding
round the Great Loop in a counterclockwise direction.
Best Route - Mile by Mile Directions
There are directions covering every mile of the Great Loop.  
Compass Courses keep you headed in the right direction.
Aids to navigation (buoys and daymarks) are described
and you are instructed on what side to pass them.
Waypoints define the route precisely.
Over 300 WAYPOINTS to download from CD (included) - No typing required!
Waypoints may be used by auto-pilot or GPS.